Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Love the Night Life

I like to stay up late. And I really, really like to go out for food late. I don't know why. It's just more fun. And the food tastes better.

I just got back from:

Cafe Intermezzo - Hazelnut Cake and Irish Coffee - yummmmmmmmmmmy. Word.

Before that it was after-midnight Chinese food from Bamboo Luau - Senor went along for the ride:

Prior to that - Dunkin' Donuts - Senor again joined the midnight run - he loves the nightlife too.

And the week before, Sharon (that's her fingers below) took me out for sushi at RuSan's - Thanks Sharon! And thanks to Rusan's for staying open late...

Recently I made a photo collage of other places I frequent when it's dark out:

Ok - well - now you know.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Hey hey - It's SUMMER!

Holy mother, it is HOT in the ATL right now!!! Summer is fully on without a doubt. I think I may have to hide inside until the sun goes down...

Well, I have lots of cool new photos I'll be posting over the next few days - The Rock N Roll Drive Invasion at the Starlight Six Drive-In (held a couple weeks ago) was a source of many a cool pic - great people watching! Stay tuned for those...

In the meantime, you still have 2 days to vote on a title for the photo in the below post - get on it, someone's gonna win stuff! I'm also participating in the Georgia Etsy Street Team's summer sale - chk it:

Any purchase from my Etsy store during the sale will receive a free surprise bonus print - woo hoooo! Don't ya just love surprises? I know I do....

Monday, June 15, 2009

Whoop! It's a contest!

Ok, ok, I know I've been terribly remiss in my blogging duties! I have no excuse, except the ever-so-tired, "I've been busy!" "Busy doing what?", you may ask. Well, lots of stuff. And I plan on writing and posting pics this week to catch you all up....In the meantime, I'm having my first contest - whoooooo! Are you excited? Well, you should be!
I need help titling this photo, which I am listing today in my Etsy store. I was pumping gas in the middle of nowhere during a road trip and saw this banana peel stuck in a near-by fence. How did it get there? Why would you put your peel in a fence? It just baffled me. But I had to photograph it. So - here it is - what should I call it? I'll be taking your suggestions all week and will add the winning title to Etsy on Saturday. You can comment on the blog, or email me at And the winner's prize? A free print of this, or any other image, in my Etsy store - yay for you!