Thursday, April 30, 2009

Negro y Azul

So, I did not go out in public from last week, at all. As in, I stayed inside and on the sofa for six days straight. And "why?" you may ask.....well 'cause I looked and felt like I got Chris Brown'd, that's why. Scratches and scabs all over my face, a broken (?) nose and two black eyes - really pretty stuff. And all from an alcohol related fall in a parking lot in front of a club - Sweet.
Apparently, I had a bit too much to drink whilst celebrating my friend S's birthday, Saturday the 18th. From what I hear - because I certainly can't remember - I made a complete ass out of myself in the club and then proceeded to go outside and break my face. The lack of marks on my hands tells me that it was a complete and utter face-plant with no sort of defensive maneuvers what-so-ever. In a party dress. And heels. Classy.
Said party dress is now stained with copious amounts of my dried blood - you know how those pesky head wounds are. I've wadded it up in the back of the closet and am saving it for a future art project. Yes, I do that sort of thing. My face is mostly recovered, as far as appearance goes. But, dammit, my nose still hurts likes hell - all the time! And my pride? My self-esteem? Yeah, not so much. Not feelin' too good about myself. Nope. Not at all. Sigh.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

And the truth shall set you free.....

I just deleted an earlier post...and I'm changing up what this blog is going to be about.....Why? Well, because I am not good at writing bullshit.
My life is a train wreck, a hot mess, an unnatural disaster. Sometimes. And so, you know, that's how I'm gonna write it out. Just like it happens.
If blood and sex and drugs and cursing upset you, then should probably stop reading now and never return to this page. Just sayin'.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter Sunday with Senor

So, last Sunday was a beautiful day and I decided to drive around and take pictures - which is a pretty normal Sunday afternoon thing for me to do. It is spring time here in Atlanta and all the dogwoods and azaleas are blooming and it is quite lovely. I had my chihuahua, Senor, with me and he decided to be in all the photos - weird! So - I present to you:

Impressions of a Southern Spring with Furry Foreground

Monday, April 6, 2009

Well hello, gorgeous!

C'mon in babe....I don't bite. Much.

My name is Alex and I live in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S. of A. Actually, my full name is Alexandra, but nobody calls me that. I've had several last names, and even more nicknames. I've lived in Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, Hawaii and Australia. I have been a brunette, a dirty blond, a platinum blond, a redhead and now - black, black, black, as the darkest night. Like my soul. BWAHAHAHAHA. Ok. Sorry.

I like cheese, Chuck Palahniuk novels, nice eyelashes, vodka, laughing and making people laugh, the Ramones, low-rider cars, art galleries, shiny things, mixed martial arts, bad reality TV, red wine, traveling, hair dye, Coen Brothers movies, clean sheets, good conversation, vampires, mangoes, vinyl, extreme glamour, pistachio ice cream, real tits, and freestyle moto/ lots of other things, but that's a pretty good representation.