Sunday, July 12, 2009

Random Thoughts and Minor Annoyances

I went to the High Museum this weekend - thanks MO! - and can I just say, skip the Monet Water Lillies - whatev. But - go see the Richard Misrach photos - amazing large scale beach scenes. A must see-in-person sort of thing!

I got an invite to a friend's birthday party. Her husband suggested - in the invitation - that an iPhone might make a good gift. Really? Really?? I can't even afford an app right now, much less the whole friggin' phone.

And finally - Why have people abandoned the adverb? Where has the "-ly" suffix gone? Don't people know you can't "live adventurous" or "talk soft" or "dance bad"? I hate it. It makes me crazy. And then I scream at the people on the TV. And they can't hear me. Sigh

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